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As an online distributor, we are still delivering on a next working day delivery service and have plenty of stock! Please note deliveries may take a couple of days extra due to pressure on courier services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you are not able to find what you are looking for then please request a callback or contact us.

How much do you charge for shipping?

All orders of SuperQuilt & BreatherQuilt are delivered carriage free to UK Mainland

Orders with other products are delivered carriage free when £100 (Ex VAT) is spent.

Carriage for UK Mainland orders under £100 (Ex VAT) would incur a carriage charge of £8 (Ex VAT)

UK Offshore (Excludes Northern Ireland) and Highlands orders would be charged £14+Vat per item

What material is best to use in a conservatory?

The best material for this application would be our EcoQuilt Expert, due to the material being thinner, lighter and easier to install. SuperQuilt can also be used to installed under a conservatory roof.


Do I need an air gap either side of multifoils?

To gain optimum performance from our multifoils, it is essential to have an airspace either side of the product. If an airspace either side isn’t manageable, then at least one airspace is vital.

How much insulation will I need to cover a 10ft x 8ft Shed?

If you are looking to insulate all 4 walls and the roof, you will require approx. 38m². To insulate the floor as well you would require an additional 9m².


How much Thermaseal Foil Tape will I require?

We recommend using one roll of ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape between every 30 Square Metres of Material. Our ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape comes on 75mm x 50m Rolls.

What is an R-Value?

Thermal resistance is a heat property and a measurement of a temperature difference by which an object or material resists a heat flow. Thermal resistance is the reciprocal of thermal conductance.

What is a U-Value?

A U-value is a measure of the heat transition through a building part (e.g. a Wall) the lower the number, the better the thermal properties. If you are going through building control you will more than likely need to achieve a specific U-value.

How do Multifoil products work?

MultiFoils work by reflecting cold away during Winter months and reflecting the heat into your home. In the Summer Months MultiFoils help reflect excess heat away, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Can SuperQuilt be used on its own in a loft conversion?

Despite being the highest performing certified Multifoil on the market, SuperQuilt usually requires additional insulation if you are going through building control. See our Free to Use Online U-Value Calculator to find your best insulation method.

What is the difference between SuperQuilt and EcoQuilt?

Both products can be used for the same applications, however SuperQuilt is thicker of the two and has 19 layers including True Aluminium Foils, Waddings, PE Foam & Met Pet layers, and is therefore the higher performing product. EcoQuilt Expert is made up of 6 layers of Foil and Wadding. Both Products also have a built in Vapour Control Layer.

How to claim my free Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit?

If your order is over £500 + VAT, we will automatically include a free Heavy Duty Staple Gun & 5,000 14mm Staples (Customers first purchase only). If your order is under £500 + VAT you can order a Staple Gun Kit individually, see our “Things you’ll need” page for more information.

What’s the thickness of our products?

SuperQuilt: 40mm, compresses to approx 10mm.

EcoQuilt Expert: 15mm, compresses to approx 5mm.

BreatherQuilt: 40mm, compresses to approx 7mm.

Airtec Double: 4mm, no compression.

FloorFoam:  4mm, no compression.

BreatherFoil FR: 4mm, no compression.

Is SuperQuilt Breathable?

SuperQuilt isn’t a breathable material, it instead works as a high performing vapour control layer, stopping any air and moisture from passing through the material. If you are after a Breathable Multifoil we would instead advise BreatherQuilt.

Can our products be installed directly under carpets or floorboards?

Our FloorFoam is a 4mm insulation material which is specifically designed to go underneath Carpets, Wood, Laminate and Vinyl. It significantly reduces draught and helps to reflect heat back into the room which would usually be lost.

SuperQuilt and EcoQuilt Expert would require air gaps, so therefore cannot be used directly between Carpet and Floorboards.

Can SuperQuilt be used Stand Alone to achieve Building Regulations?

SuperQuilt can achieve a majority of U-values without the requirement for additional insulation, especially in walls and floors. To find out if SuperQuilt can work for your project please use our free to use and user friendly Online U-value Calculator.

How can I cut your products?

Our Multifoils can be cut simply with a sharp Stanley Knife, or a sharp pair of scissors. Please visit our complete fitting kit page to purchase these items.

What is cut off point for next working day delivery

Cut off point for Next Working Day Delivery is 2pm. If the goods are ordered on Friday after 2pm, they will be delivered on Tuesday (Excludes Bank Holiday Weekends).

What time will my delivery arrive?

If ordered before 2pm, you will receive your order the following working day (excluding highlands and islands which are approx. 3-5 working days from despatch).

Your goods will be delivered by a courier service between 9am and 5pm. If you require an AM delivery or Saturday AM Delivery this can be arranged at an extra cost.

European deliveries approx 4-5 working days.

Offshore UK approx 3-4 Working Days.

Scottish Highlands approx 2-3 Working Days.

If you were not able to find what you were looking for then please request a callback or contact us. Logo for Invoice