Insulate Whilst You Isolate

The Coronavirus outbreak has meant that many of you will be self-isolating – in line with the advice from the NHS and the Government.

So, that sounds easy enough – right? Well for many no, when you are used to being able to go to work, exercise and generally being occupied for most of the day you may begin to feel a little lost. There are only so many times you can play monopoly, clean your house and cut your grass… so why not use this time to Insulate While You Isolate?

A member of our team, who is currently working at home has created a short video to make you aware of the discounts available and what we are doing to help those most vulnerable during this time, simply press play below!


IMPORTANT NOTE: To use the discount code you will need to make your purchase on our Ecohome Website that you can access by pressing HERE!

If you use our discount code displayed on the video above, from now until the end of April you will:

  • Receive Free Next Day Delivery
  • 5% off your order
  • 2% of your order will go to Trussell Trust UK Food Bank! To help those most vulnerable.

So, why not use this time to improve your home for the better? Why not invest now, to save for the future?

The insulation opportunities are endless, but if you do need some inspiration… consider insulating:

  • Walls,
  • Floors
  • Roof
  • Conservatory
  • Garden Rooms / Shed
  • Van

See our How To Insulate your Home Brochure if you do require any assistance on selecting a product that will be suitable for your project.  We also appreciate that you may not have taken on an insulation project yourself before – so we have provided you with How To Guides, for each of the applications suggested at the bottom of our How To Insulate Your Home Brochure.

If you are going through building control and are required to meet a U – Value – use our FREE U – Value Calculator!

We are currently still able to offer a Next Day Delivery Service, on ll orders placed before 2pm. If you require any assistance, or would like to order over the phone just give us a call on: 0114 323 0045.