What is spray foam?

Spray foam is a two-part liquid insulation material that can be used to insulate your floor, walls, loft and roof. Whilst Spray foam insulation has the ability to fully seal your surface area to prevent air or moisture from coming in, it can also have a detrimental effect on your home & health…

This type of insulation is made of up of isocyanate and polyol resin, which releases harmful fumes during installation and must only be installed by specialists in full protective clothing.

As this insulation can only be installed by fully trained professionals, it can make the upfront cost more expensive than conventional insulation and Multifoil Insulation.

Having an airtight home means that the moisture created inside your home won’t have anywhere to escape to, so without a proper ventilation system, using spray foam could cause mould.

Compared to Multifoil insulation, the overall installation process is longer and can be a lot messier too. Once Spray foam has been applied, residents are required to leave their home for 24 hours due to hazardous chemicals and fumes.

Another huge disadvantage is that standard spray foam starts to peel after about 15 years (if not before) so will need to be replaced, disposing of Spray foam can be quite difficult as it is not a Biodegradable product meaning most landfills will refuse to take it.

Based on the above points, it is understandable that homeowners and companies are opting to use the safe and easy to use alternative; Multifoil Insulation. 

What is Multifoil Insulation & How does it work?

SuperQuilt Insulation is a reflective Multifoil insulation material which is made up of multiple layers of foil and wadding.

It’s an all-year-rounder! It works effectively at reflecting infa-red radiation (heat) back into your home in the winter meaning less heat loss, which helps reducing your energy bills. In the summer, the foil reflects excess sun-rays away from the house to prevent excessive heat from getting in. SuperQuilt Insulation helps to maintain an ambient temperature in your home all year round.

The Benefits of Multifoil Insulation over Spray Foam

– Our Multifoil is manufactured using recycled materials, SuperQuilt 83% and BreatherQuilt 72% recycled materials. 

– All of our products are completely safe, so no need for protective clothing or equipment

– You don’t need a degree to install it yourself, our website is full of handy ‘How-To Guides and Installation Videos’

– Requires low maintenance, lasts the lifetime of the application.

– Cost Effective – Cheaper than Spray Foam & traditional insulation materials, such as PIR (rigid board such as Kingspan and Celotex).

– 2-in-1 Vapour Control layers which reduces condensation and moisture

– Can be used on a number of surfaces, including walls, floors, roofs etc.

– Multifoil Insulation products are designed to last the lifetime of the application. No need to remove after 15 years like spray foam!

Our most popular Multifoils:

SuperQuilt – This versatile, true aluminium foil product can be used for many applications, including (but not limited to) Floors, Walls and Roofs.

EcoQuilt Expert – A 6 layer Multifoil blanket that can be used in many applications – a cheaper alternative to SuperQuilt! This is the most popular reflective insulation for those not required to satisfy building control.

EcoTec Floor-Foam – At only 4mm thick this is the perfect, easy to install product, suitable for beneath laminate, wood, carpets and more!

BreatherQuilt – Made up of 11 perforated layers, including a breather membrane, this product is ideal for roof refurbishments or new builds.

EcoAirtec –  Looking to insulate your shed? Roof, Walls, Floor? Our most cost effective solution.

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