SuperQuilt Crawl Space | YBS SuperQuilt is the superior insulation material to use when installing underneath a crawl space. It will often achieve building regulations stand alone and reduce installation time significantly compared to rigid boards.

SuperQuilt Crawl Space | YBS SuperQuilt is rolled out and stapled directly to the underside of the timber floor joists, at minimum intervals of 300mm. Ensure SuperQuilt is overlapped by a minimum of 50mm, however leave the overlaps un-taped, to allow any moisture accumulation to escape.

YBS SuperQuilt should be fully taped and sealed around the perimeter using Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape. Ensure the multi-layered blanket is also brought up to the floor deck.

Both this system and product are fully LABC & BDA certified for building control, and is usually accepted without the use of any rigid PIR boards such as Kingspan and Celotex. If you would like a bespoke U-value calculation please visit our trusted distributor, Multifoil Insulation, and use their free and instant Online U-value Calculator. You will received immediate results which then can be simply forwarded on to your building control officer for acceptance.

If the project doesn’t require a specific U-value, a cost effective alternative would be EcoQuilt Expert Multifoil which would be installed in the same method. EcoQuilt Expert is 6 layered as opposed to SuperQuilt’s 6 layers and works out approx £5 per square metre. EcoQuilt Expert and SuperQuilt are very popular for insulating underneath park homes & static caravans due to their cost, ease of installation and thickness.

You will notice on the U-value table, the U-value achieved is determined by your P/A ratio, below is an example of how to calculate your P/A ratio for your timber floor project;

  • Floor Area in m² = 100m²
  • Perimeter of walls exposed to outside areas in m = 60m
  • 60 Divided by 100 = 0.60
  • P/A Ratio = 0.6