SuperQuilt Dry Lining | YBS SuperQuilt is the ideal solution for insulating the internal of solid brickwork and concrete block walls. SuperQuilt is fully certified for the use in dry linings and commonly achieves refurbishment regulations without additional insulation.

Dry Lining Solution Using SuperQuilt

Timber battens are to be installed directly onto the wall with approximate spacing’s of 500mm, aswell as around the perimeter & windows/doors. Dependent on the depth of the batten may effect the U-value achieved, please see our U-value table on the right hand side.

SuperQuilt Dry Lining | YBS SuperQuilt is then stapled directly onto the battens, rolled our either vertically or horizontally. Ensure YBS SuperQuilt layers overlap by 50mm, follow by fully taping and sealing with our true aluminium Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape, SuperQuilt should also be fully taped and sealed around the perimeter. Once taped and sealed, SuperQuilt will work as a high performance vapour control layer, controlling and reducing the risk of interstitial condensation.

Counter timber battens should then be installed perpendicular to the first set, at an approx spacing of 500mm, sandwiching SuperQuilt between the set of battens. The plasterboard or other internal finish should be installed in it’s usual manner.

Bespoke U-value required? Please visit our trusted distributors website and use our free and instant online U-value Calculator. Alternatively request a U-value calculation from our technical team at the Contact Us page.

If you are wanting to insulate on the external of a solid brick, block or concrete wall as opposed to the internal, please visit our External Wall Insulation page.

Installation of SuperQuilt Dry Lining should be in harmony with the manufacturers certificate and recommendations.

If you are wanting to insulate your solid walls however do not need to conform with current building regulations, take a look at our EcoQuilt Expert Multifoil Insulation. EcoQuilt Expert is installed in the same way as YBS SuperQuilt however is a thinner multifoil saving approx £1.90 per m².