SuperQuilt Pitched Roof | YBS SuperQuilt Multifoil Insulation is fully LABC, BDA and BBA certified for insulating pitched roofs. It is most often used to the internal side of the rafters before the plasterboard is installed to reduce head height and save on costs.

1 Layer SuperQuilt & PIR Insulation

SuperQuilt Pitched Roof | YBS SuperQuilt

SuperQuilt Pitched Roof | YBS SuperQuilt

Triple Layer to Achieve 0.18 U-value

SuperQuilt Pitched Roof | YBS SuperQuilt is commonly doubled up in pitched roof projects to avoid the use of Rigid PIR Boards being installed in-between the rafters. If a double solution solution is being used, please ensure there are adequate airspace’s between each layer. Installing SuperQuilt over rafters is also a certified solution, if this method is being used, a vapour control layer should be fitted. This should be fitted behind the plasterboard, and will help to reduce any risk of condensation.

Specific U-value required for the project? SuperQuilt for roofs is available in our 3 Layer ReRoof System, or our TyvaQuilt system. Both these solutions achieve refurbishment & extension regulations without Celotex/Kingspan Alternatively, visit our free to use online U-value Calculator.

YBS SuperQuilt is applied either vertically or horizontally, pulled tight and stapled to battens/rafters at minimum 300mm centers.

Ensure an overlap by approx 50mm, and fully tape and seal using Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape. This will ensure SuperQuilt works as a high performing vapour control layer. (When internal insulation layer) Ensure there is a cavity either side of the SuperQuilt to allow the product to reflect, failure to create adequate airspace may due in a reduction of performance.

When SuperQuilt is taken down to the eaves, ensure the multifoil is cut around the rafters and sealed to the wall plate, or the cavity wall insulation.

Installation of YBS SuperQuilt over rafter or under rafter should be in harmony with the manufacturers certificate and recommendations.