SuperQuilt Solid Floor | YBS SuperQuilt is a commonly used solution to insulate existing solid floors due to a simple and quick installation. SuperQuilt is LABC & BDA certified for floating floor applications.

SuperQuilt Solid Floor | YBS SuperQuilt is laid out flat along the concrete floor, ensuring the concrete floor is fully clean and debris free first. Ensure there is enough edge overlap for a 75mm lip to be left behind the skirting. Fully tape and seal using genuine Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape.

Timber joists/battens (minimum 50mm by 80mm) should be then laid on top of the SuperQuilt, spaced and centres to suit the particular flooring to provide a clear cavity.

Timber decking is then fixed with screws (at 200mm centres) providing 25mm penetration into timber battens/joists.

Looking to insulate on a suspender timber floor as opposed to a solid floor? Please visit our designated page – Click here.

Bespoke U-value calculation required? Visit our trusted trade distributors, Multifoil Insulation, and use their free and instant online U-value Calculator.

If you are looking to insulate your solid timber floor but are unable to use timber battens as space is a premium, visit our EcoTec FloorFoam page. FloorFoam would be installed directly onto the solid floor, taped and sealed, then ready for the final flooring to be installed. E.g. Carpet, Laminate, Wood & Vinyl.

If there is no requirement to achieve a specific U-value, you may be interested in our cost effective multifoil insulation EcoQuilt Expert, which would be installed in the same manner as YBS SuperQuilt.

You will notice on the U-value table, the U-value achieved is determined by your P/A ratio, below is an example of how to calculate your P/A ratio for your timber floor project;

  • Floor Area in m² = 100m²
  • Perimeter of walls exposed to outside areas in m = 60m
  • 60 Divided by 100 = 0.60
  • P/A Ratio = 0.6