Suspended Timber Floor | YBS SuperQuilt is fully LABC & BDA certified for use in Suspended Timber Floors. SuperQuilt will often achieve building regulations stand alone without any other materials required.

RadiFloor 3

Suspended Timber Floor | YBS SuperQuilt is installed by firstly rolled out over the joists and recessed in-between the joists by a minimum depth of 50mm. To fix the SuperQuilt in place we would either recommend stapling into place, or fixing down with YBS Saddle Clips, Saddle clips will ensure a cavity is created of 54mm.

Any overlaps when installing SuperQuilt on suspended timber floors should be tightly lapped and stapled, however left up-taped. Overlaps being left un-taped will allow any moisture accumulation to dissipate. Ensure YBS SuperQuilt is fully taped and sealed around the perimeter using our Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape.

Timber engineered decking is then fixed at 200mm centres with 37mm screws into the joists.

If you are looking to insulate on a solid concrete floor, please visit our solid floor page.

Suspended Timber Floor | YBS SuperQuilt is an ideal solution for insulating suspended timber floors, as it wouldn’t raise the height of the floor, and would save labour time dramatically as there is no requirement for cutting rigid PIR boards such as Kingspan or Celotex.

Bespoke U-value calculation required? Visit our trusted trade distributors, Multifoil Insulation, and use their free and instant online U-value Calculator.

If there is no requirement to achieve a specific U-value, you may be interested in our cost effective multifoil insulation EcoQuilt Expert, which would be installed in the same manner as YBS SuperQuilt.

You will notice on the U-value table, the U-value achieved is determined by your P/A ratio, below is an example of how to calculate your P/A ratio for your timber floor project;

  • Floor Area in m² = 100m²
  • Perimeter of walls exposed to outside areas in m = 60m
  • 60 Divided by 100 = 0.60
  • P/A Ratio = 0.6